Supervisor's Responsibilities

Supervisor The township supervisor is Chief Executive Officer of the township, chairman of the town(ship) board of trustees, supervisor of general assistance, and is treasurer of all town funds, including general assistance, and all road and bridge funds.

The supervisor must provide bond(s) in amounts equal to the maximum amount in his custody at any one time if the bond is obtaining through a surety company. If personal bonds are posted, they must be double the amount provided by a surety company. The highway commissioner may order the treasurer's bond for road funds increased to an amount determined by the highway commissioner. A copy of the bond for road funds must be filed with the county clerk.

As chairman of the town board, the supervisor, unlike a mayor or village president who may only vote to break ties, has a vote on all matters. The supervisor may make or second motions, participate in discussions on all matters and should exercise his voting powers on all issues.

The supervisor has sole jurisdiction over the office of general assistance and may employ necessary help without prior approval of the town board of trustees. Salaries for these employees must, of course, be provided for in the general assistance budget and appropriation ordinance.