Assessor's Responsibilities

AssessorAnother important elected position in the township is the Township Assessor. The role of the Township Assessor is critical not only to the township, but to all property owners in the township, as well as all of the various units of government who provide services in the township such as village, parks, libraries, schools, etc.

It is the Township Assessor who identifies and appraises all parcels of property within the township boundaries. His office is autonomous from the Township Board. As an elected official, he is responsible for developing the Assessor's budget and annually submitting it to the Township Board for approval. The Township Board is required by law to fully fund the office of the Assessor so that properties may be assessed fairly and equitably.

The Township Assessor is elected once every four years and serves a term of 4 years beginning the January 1st following the April election of the previous year. The office of Township Assessor must be filled by a qualified person, with proper credentials, and formal training as certified by the Illinois Department of Revenue. The Assessor is the only township official required to have formal training and be certified to occupy the office.

For further information and more details regarding the operations of the Township Assessor's Office, please click on this link: Bloomingdale Township Assessor.