Community Mental Health Board

By referendum, Township residents recently passed a mental health board under the Illinois Community Mental Health Act (405 ILCS 20/0.1 et seq.).

Grant awards for the 2018-2019 year were approved on October 10, 2018:
708 Funding Awards 2018-2019

Needs Assessment Survey:
Needs Assessment Survey-2018.pdf

Board Members:

Chairperson Dominick Lanzito
Vice Chairperson Cindy Franceschini
Secretary Kim Cline
Trustee Liaison Michael McGinn
Member Diana Eckert
Member Kirk Etapa
Member Dave Rogers

Needs Assessment Committee:
Diana Eckert, Cindy Franceschini, & Marco Parducci

Grant Procedures Committee:
Diana Eckert, Michael McGinn, & Michael Murray

One Year Plan.pdf
Three Year Plan.pdf
Mental Health Board ByLaws.pdf

Future Scheduled Meeting Dates for Board & Committees:
Mental Health Board 2018 Meeting Dates
Mental Health Board 2019 Meeting Dates 

Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes:

Minutes - Oct 10, 2018.pdf
Mental Health Board Agenda -Meeting 11/14/18 at 6:30PM
Needs Assessment Committee Minutes 09/17/18
Needs Assessment Committee Agenda 11/05/18 6:00PM meeting
Minutes Special Meeting Oct 3, 2018.pdf
Mental Health Board Agenda - Meeting 10/10/18 at 6:30PM
Minutes Special Meeting Sep 12, 2018.pdf
Special Meeting Agenda 10/03/18.pdf
Needs Assessment Committee Minutes 06/04/18
Needs Assessment Committee Agenda 09/17/18 6:30PM meeting
Minutes - Aug 8, 2018.pdf
Minutes - Jun 13, 2018.pdf
Mental Health Board Agenda - Meeting 8/8/18 at 6:30PM
Minutes - Apr 11, 2018.pdf
June 13, 2018 Agenda 6:30PM
Needs Assessment Committee Minutes 05/07/18
Needs Assessment Committee Agenda 06/04/18 6:30PM meeting
Needs Assessment Committee Minutes 04/02/18
Grant Procedure Committee Minutes 03/19/18 Meeting.pdf
Minutes - Feb 7, 2018.pdf
Needs Assessment Committee Minutes 02/05/18
Grant Procedure Committee Minutes 02/19/18.pdf
Grant Procedure Committee Meeting Agenda 03/19/18 6:30PM
Grant Procedures Committee Minutes 01/22/18 Meeting.pdf
Needs Assessment Committee Minutes 11/13/17
Minutes - Nov 08, 2017.pdf
Grant Procedures Committee Minutes 12/13/17 Meeting.pdf
Needs Assessment Committee Minutes 10/02/17
Minutes - Oct 11, 2017.pdf
Minutes - Sep 13, 2017.pdf
Needs Assessment Committee Minutes 09/11/17
Needs Assessment Committee Minutes 08/21/17
Minutes - Aug 9, 2017.pdf
Minutes - June 21, 2017.pdf