Bloomingdale Township Weed Program

The Weed Program encompasses the unincorporated areas of Bloomingdale Township and is enforced between April 15th and October 15th, covering the typical growing season.

Any property with weeds or grass exceeding a height of 12 inches is issued a warning requesting the property owner to mow the lot. If the lot is not mowed, the property owner is issued a citation. If the owner still fails to mow the property, the Township will either have the property mowed by Township employees, or arrange for an independent mowing contractor to do the cutting.  The property owner will be billed for the cutting as well as all applicable fines. Any bill, which goes unpaid, is then placed as a lien on the subject property.

Township Ordinance:  Ordinance 22-04.pdf

The Township does not regularly engage in providing lawn services.  The costs for allocating staff towards these additional responsibilities is prohibitive by design, utilizing labor costs at prevailing wage rates and hourly costs for associated equipment.   For 2024 the following costs will be utilized per worker and per piece of equipment per hour or fraction thereof, with a minimum charge of $250 for mowing :


Any questions or concerns regarding this program, please contact the Township office at 630-529-7715.