Overnight Parking Ban


This ordinance applies to all of Bloomingdale Township and to all vehicle types (personally-owned cars and trucks, commercial vehicles, RV's, etc).   

WHY NO OVERNIGHT PARKING?  The primary purpose of the overnight parking ban is public safety, to help residents and the Sheriff more readily identify suspicious vehicles.  If you've been reading the Crime Alerts, you're aware that here and in communities throughout DuPage County there has been an increase in thefts from parked cars; residents have been encouraged to "keep an eye out" for people and cars they don't recognize and report activity that seems suspicious.  The Bloomingdale Township overnight parking ban may discourage those who live in municipalities where parking is limited or restricted from coming into unincorporated areas to park overnight, or risk getting a $50 ticket.  

OTHER BENEFITS of the parking restriction include allowing emergency responders (police, fire, ambulances) and snowplows safe travel along Township roads without having to navigate around parked cars; improving drivers line-of-sight at or near corners; reinforcing the residential nature of our community with those who consistently park commercial vehicles on the street (or conversely, use their driveways as parking lots for commercial vehicles while parking their cars overnight on the street), and lastly, preserving the country/suburban appearance of our neighborhoods, maintaining property values.

ARE THERE EXCEPTIONS? We understand there may be times when the overnight parking ban is inconvenient, such as when you're accommodating overnight guests or waiting for blacktop sealer to dry.  If you have a one-time or short-term need to park overnight on the road, you can contact Bloomingdale Township Highway Department (#630-529-5221) in advance with a vehicle description and the license plate number of your vehicle to ensure you are not ticketed.